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We must ask these questions to ourselves !

We must ask these questions to ourselves

1. Have we done anything today which we can relate it to the happiness of Imam Zamana (atf)?

2. If we die today! will we be satisfied that we played our due role as Shia of Amir-ul-Momineen (A.S)

3. Realizing our current situation what is the least we can do for the cause and benefits of Momineen/Mominaats.

4. How important is Jannat ul Baqi and other holy shrines in Syria and Iraq and other places for us and what are we doing for their safety?

5. Overall where do we stand?

The least we can do……………….some thoughts!

1. Take out Sadqa of Imam Zamana (atf) every day.

2. We should be very careful of how we live our life and be mindful that the moment passed is the last of our life. May be the last good deed becomes reason of our NIJAAT.

3. We must give a very serious thought to what is happening around us and how we can be helpful to the oppressed around the world?

4 If we do not fulfill our moral, religious and ethical responsibility towards Jannat-ul-Baqi and other holy shrines, we will be finished forever Masoomeen doesn’t need those places this is our identification and the most important reason of our existence the least we can do is offer two Rakat Namaaz for the safety of these places.

5. Being the follower! We are more accountable and answerable to Imam Zamana (atf)

Answers rest with us.

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